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Fibreglass Cable Manufacturers and suppliers

Fibreglass Cable Manufacturers and suppliers in Mumbai, India
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Manufacturers and Fibreglass Cable suppliers for a wide range of high quality Fibreglass Cable to suit all kinds of applications, from lawn mowers to buses and lorries. It is commonly the case that Fibreglass Cable are required quickly and in small quantities. We use the latest technology available in our industry for the manufacturing of all Fibreglass Cable which are now lighter, more durable and more flexible.

Bhuwal Insulation Cable Pvt. Ltd. is providing a wide range of control cables including Clutch Cables, Bowden Cables, Throttle Cables, Push Pull Cables, Motorcycle Control Cables, Marine Control Cables, Mechanical Control Cables, Gear Cables, Felsted Cables, Sensor and Control Cables, Morse Type Control Cables, Flexible Control CablesElevator Control CablesPower and Control CableCY Control CableSY Control CableYY Control Cable, Teleflex Cables, Cablecraft Cables and Handbrake Cables for an even wider range of applications. These Fibreglass Cable follow the DIN color codes required for EU-based technology.

Fibreglass Cable Specifications

Fibreglass braided silicone cable, Fiberglass Cable Manufacturer
1. professional OEM manufacture 
2. factory price 
3. free sample

VDE, SAA, ISO certificated Best Quality fibreglass braided silicone cable

1. Material: 100% Pure Copper
2. VDE, SAA, RoHS Certifications 
3.3 years warranty

4. Diretly good Facotry price, Customization shielded Colorful Euro,VDE, SAA, ISO certificated swag pendant light, All color is optional VDE, SAA, ISO certificated Best Quality fibreglass braided silicone cable

Fibreglass Cable Specification
Extreme temperature range:
(-40oC to 105oC) can withstand the extremes of automotive environments
Fibreglass Cable range: 0GA, 2GA, 4GA, 6GA, 8GA, 10GA, 12GA, 14GA, 15GA, 16GA, 18GA, 20GA and ultra classic strands 
High strand counts  High strand counts 
Conductor Type Stranded 99.99% OFC (oxygen free copper), and tin plated copper,copper coated al
Material Environmentally friendly, quality, glossy material
Tinned, Silver or Nickel plated copper etc.
Fibreglass Cable Colour: Customized
Packing carton packing, pallet packing , wooden / plastic reels
We can manufacture Fibreglass Cable as per customers' requirement.

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Fibreglass Cable Approval List

Fibreglass Cable Approved by
ISI Approved Fibreglass Cable
CE Approved Fibreglass Cable
CSA Approved Fibreglass Cable
ISO Approved Fibreglass Cable
ROHS Approved Fibreglass Cable
SASO Approved Fibreglass Cable
ISO Approved Fibreglass Cable
VDE Approved Fibreglass Cable

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What is Fibreglass Cable ?

Fibreglass Cable is used for the signal transmission, controlling and measuring system of the electric apparatus and the power distribute apparatus in the field of metallurgy, power and petrochemistry, The rated voltage is up to 450/750V.
Fibreglass Cable Type: 
PVC insulated, PVC out sheath control cable: From 2x0.75 to 2x40. Till 61x0.75mm2 to 61x2.5mm2 
PE insulated, PE out sheath control cable 
PE insulated, PVC out sheath control cable 
PE insulated, PVC out sheath, copper wire braided shield control cable

Types of Fibreglass Cable

  • fiberglass cable rod
  • fiberglass cable sleeve
  • fiberglass cable puller
  • fiberglass cable snake
  • fiberglass push pull rods cable rods
  • fiberglass push rod cable
  • fiberglass rod for running cable
  • Fibre Glass Cable
  • fibreglass sleeving
  • Fiberglass Insulated Cables
  • Fiberglass Braided Cable
  • Fiber Insulated Cable
  • Fiberglass Thermocouple Cable
  • Glass Fibre Cable
  • braided fiberglass sleeve
  • fibreglass/ fiberglass braided wire
  • Fiberglass Insulated Cable
  • Silicone fiberglass cable
  • Fiberglass cables
  • Silicon Cable with Fiberglass Braided
  • Fiberglass Insulated Cables
  • fibreglass/ fibreglass cable
  • fibreglass/ fiberglass cable manufacturer
  • fibreglass/ fiberglass wire manufacturer India
  • fibreglass/ Fiberglass braiding cable
  • fibreglass/ Fiberglass Braided High Temperature Cable
  • Multi wire conductor single core fibreglass braided silicone rubber insulated cable
  • VDE,SAA,ISO certificated Best Quality fibreglass braided silicone cable
  • MS003 nickel plated condutor fibreglass shielded 6 core cable
  • Fire resistant fibreglass constant wattage heat cable
  • Silicone Insulated impregnated fibreglass braiding Wire Cable
  • Silicone fiberglass sleeving
  • silicone coated fiberglass sleeving
  • silicone rubber coated fiberglass sleeving
  • silicone coated fiberglass tubing
  • silicone coated fiberglass sleeving
  • Fibreglass Cable
  • 20AWG high temperature mica fiberglass braided electric power cable
  • fiber glass heat resistance cable
  • fibreglass/ fiberglass thermocouple extention cable
  • braided fiberglass sleeve protecting wires/cables
  • electric power bare copper stranded fiberglass cable
  • VDE fiberglass silicone braid cable
  • fibreglass/ fiberglass insulating cable
  • fibreglass/ Fiberglass braided silicone insulation cable
  • Heating cable fiberglass coated resistance cable
  • fibreglass/ Fiberglass Push Rod Cable
  • Fibreglass/ fiberglass sleeve manufacturer india
  • fibreglass/ fiberglass sleeve insulation
  • fibreglass/ fiberglass sleeve manufacturers
  • 350C 500V fiberglass lapping braid high temperature wire and cable
  • 2.5mm cable aluminum fiberglass magnet wire used in motor
  • high temperature fibreglass silicone flexible cables
  • heat resistant 2.5mm high temp spares fibreglass wire appliance cable
  • fibreglass braided silicone cable
  • Multi wire multi core fibreglass braided silicone cable
  • High temperature fibreglass silicone flexible cables
  • fibreglass wire silicon insulated coated wires and cables
  • Tinned copper Fibreglass braid Refrigerant cable
  • Fibreglass Flexible Copper Cable
  • fibreglass/ Fiberglass Cables / Wires
  • Fiber glass insulation copper cable for thermocouple
  • fibreglass/ fiberglass asbestos cables

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Fibreglass Cable Features

  • Braided electrical cord that is suitable for single drop bulb wiring with active neutral and ground wires so it can be used to earth metal light fittings. Requires cord grip fittings or similar.
  • Textile braided electrical cord is applied to ISO Approved. Braid colours and patterns are numerous, to match the concept and fittings.
  • We can order this cable in numerous other colors so if you have preference let us know.
  • Larger quantities of custom color and patterns are also available to order.
  • Operating temperatures: +105°c maximum outer insulation temperature.
  • Operating voltage: 300 V.
  • Rated to 6 amp.VDE,SAA,ISO certificated Best Quality fibreglass braided silicone cable
  • Fibreglass Cable may be used in dry, damp, or wet locations
  • Widely used to distribute low voltage data/ signal
  • Fibreglass Cable are well designed for automation controls
  • These Fibreglass Cable can carry signals up to 40 volts
  • Fibreglass Cable are suitable for electrical installation industrial control circuits for sending electrical signals
  • Continuous operating temperature from -40°C to +150°C (3000hrs) – (standard and custom built cables).
  • Continuous operating temperature from -40°C to +200°C (3000hrs) – (standard and custom built cables).
  • Choice of conductors, screens and jacket materials to suit the most demanding applications.
  • Screening options that include bare copper braid, braid with drainwire, optimized braids with superior surface transfer impedance characteristics, and aluminum foil with drainwire.
  • Jacket material options to provide high flexibility and excellent mechanical protection.
  • Designed for stripping and overmolding.
  • Choice of Fibreglass Cable dimensions

Fibreglass Cable Application

control cable with XLPE insulation, pvc jacket, braided shielding, flame retardant, halogen free

Such Fibreglass Cable are suitable for laying indoors and in the electrical cabinets, however, the cables can’t bear larger external mechanical forces. Fibreglass Cable is used for the signal transmission, controlling and measuring system of the electric apparatus.

Fibreglass Cable Packing

  • Packing length:100 to 1,000m reeled in carton drum or according to customers' requirement
  • Outer packing: wooden case, carton box
  • Other packing requirement according to client's request
  • Fibreglass Cable cut to length and shipped on nonreturnable reels
  • The quantity in one ctn base on the type of cord and its length.
  • Packing lengths of Fibreglass Cable: 100ft/roll, 100m/roll, 300ft/roll 
  • Inner packing: wooden drum, plastic drum, paper drum 
  • Outer packing: carton box, pull out box 
  • Other packing for Fibreglass Cable is available as per customer demand

Fibreglass Cable Price List/ Meter

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