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Flexible Rubber Cable Manufacturers and suppliers

Flexible Rubber Cable Manufacturers and suppliers in Mumbai, India
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Manufacturers and Flexible Rubber Cable suppliers for a wide range of high quality Flexible Rubber Power Cable to suit all kinds of applications, from lawn mowers to buses and lorries. It is commonly the case that Flexible Rubber Insulated Cable are required quickly and in small quantities. We use the latest technology available in our industry for the manufacturing of all H07rnf - Flexible Rubber Cable which are now lighter, more durable and more flexible.

A 300/500 volt  highly Flexible Rubber Cable insulated and sheathed with silicone rubber, suitable for installations requiring low ( -50c) or high ( +180c) temperature environments. Applications most suitable would be injection moulding, packaging, refrigeration, lighting assemblies, nuclear industry, furnaces, heating assemblies, medical and pharmacological industries. Gauge: 8AWG,10AWG 12AWG, 14AWG, 16AWG, 18AWG, 20AWG, 22AWG, 24AWG,28AWG,30AWG. Extremely flexible due to the highest number of fine strands making up this Flexible Rubber Cable. Bhuwal Insulation Cable Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and suppliers of Flexible Rubber Lantern Cable including Flexible Rubber Cable, Rubber Flexible Cable, Heat Resistant Flexible Cable, Multicore Flexible Cable, Single Core Flexible Cable, Flexible Silicone Cable, Silicone Flexible Cable, Single Multicore Flexible Wire & Copper Flexible Cable etc.

Flexible Rubber Cable Specifications

Low Voltage Cables

450/750V EPR Rubber Insulated Polychloroprene Sheathed Flexible Cable

This flexible power cable can be installed either as a fixed or mobile cable under adverse conditions such as in an oily, acidic or alkaline environment.
Class 5 plain annealed flexible copper, rubber insulated, polychlorprene sheathed cable
Sheath Colour
Railway & Train Systems , Factory Automatics & Robotics
Insulation Color
Single-Core: Black 2-Core: Brown & Blue, 3-Core: Brown, Blue & Green/Yellow, 4-Core: Brown, Blue, Black & Green/Yellow, 5-Core: Brown, Blue, Black, Grey & Green/Yellow

We supply a comprehensive range of rubber flexible cables manufactured in accordance with a number of British, European and international standards. These include BS6195, BS EN 50525-2-21 and BS EN 50525-3-21 as well as VDE and CENELEC (European Committee for Electro Technical Standardization)


Some of our most frequently supplied rubber flexible cable products include:
Application overview
H01N2-D / H01N2-E cables  Welding cable including more flexible variant
H07BN-4-F cables  High temperature power supply 
H07RN-F cables  Heavy-duty flexible power supply 
H07RN-8-F cables  Submersible cable for temporary use to a depth of 10m
H07ZZ-F cables  Halogen free flexible power supply 
NSHOU cables  Heavy-duty flexible power supply 600/1000V suitable for permanent submersion available as (N)SHÖU-O and (N)SHÖU-J
NSSHOU cables  Heavy-duty flexible power supply with individual core screen with variations including (N)SSHÖU-O, (N)SSHÖU-J, (N)SSHÖU 3E and (N)SSHÖU 3E+ST 
NSSCHOU cables  Variation offering an overall Tinned Copper Braid on this robust flexible power supply with Green/Yellow insulation to (N)SSCHÖU-J 
NSGAFÖU cables  Flame and oil resistant cable suitable for high stress environment
NSHXAFÖ cables  Halogen free flexible single conductor cable for circuit-proof applications
NSHTÖU cables  Drum reeling cable
0361TQ cables  HOFR Welding cable
Coil end lead Type 4 Electrical machinery power supply and panel wiring


Flexible Rubber Cable Specification
Extreme temperature range:
(-40oC to 105oC) can withstand the extremes of automotive environments
Flexible Rubber Cable range: 0GA, 2GA, 4GA, 6GA, 8GA, 10GA, 12GA, 14GA, 15GA, 16GA, 18GA, 20GA and ultra classic strands 
High strand counts  High strand counts 
Conductor Type Stranded 99.99% OFC (oxygen free copper), and tin plated copper,copper coated al
Standard IEC60245, GB/T 50134, BS, DIN, VDE etc.
Material Environmentally friendly, quality, glossy material
Tinned, Silver or Nickel plated copper etc.
Flexible Rubber Cable Colour: Customized
Packing carton packing, pallet packing , wooden / plastic reels
We can manufacture Flexible Rubber Cable as per customers' requirement.

Flexible Rubber Cable Approval List

Flexible Rubber Cable Approved by
ISI Approved Flexible Rubber Cable
CE Approved Flexible Rubber Cable
CSA Approved Flexible Rubber Cable
ISO Approved Flexible Rubber Cable
ROHS Approved Flexible Rubber Cable
SASO Approved Flexible Rubber Cable
ISO Approved Flexible Rubber Cable
VDE Approved Flexible Rubber Cable

Flexible Rubber Cable Related Cables

What is Flexible Rubber Cable ?

Flexible Rubber Cable are electrical cables specially designed to cope with the tight bending radii and physical stress associated with moving applications, such as inside cable carriers.

A higher level of flexibility means the service life of a Flexible Rubber Insulated Cable inside a cable carrier can be greatly extended. A normal cable typically manages 50,000 cycles, but a dynamic cable can complete between one and three million cycles.

Flexible Rubber Power Cable can be divided into two types: those with conductors stranded in layers inside the cable, and those that have bundled or braided conductors.

The H07rnf - Flexible Rubber Cable is used as connection cable or wire of rated voltage 450/750V or lower for power plants, fixed wiring and flexible connection for electrical appliances.

Types of Flexible Rubber Cable

  • Flexible Rubber Cable Ties
  • Flexible Rubber Cable Protector
  • Rubber Flexible Cable Dubai
  • Rubber Flexible Cable Uae
  • Flexible Rubber Power Cable
  • Flexible Rubber Insulated Cable
  • H07rnf - Flexible Rubber Cable
  • Flexible Rubber Lantern Cable
  • Black Rubber Flexible Cable 1.5mm 3-Core
  • Silicone Rubber Flexible Cable
  • Flexible Rubber Cable
  • Black Rubber Flexible Cable
  • Ducab Rubber Flexible Cable
  • Flexible Power Cable
  • Flex Electrical Cable
  • Heat Resistant Flexible Conduit
  • Flexible Earth Cable
  • Double Insulated Flexible Cable
  • 3 Phase Flexible Cable
  • Flexible Coaxial Cable
  • Flexible Flat Cable
  • Heavy Duty Flexible Cable
  • Black 3 Core Flex Cable
  • Pvc Insulated Flexible Wire
  • Armoured Flexible Cable
  • Butyl Flex Cable
  • Trs Flexible Cable
  • Twin Core Flex Cable
  • High Flexible Cable
  • Rubber Sheathed Flexible Cable
  • Orange Flexible Cable
  • Silicone Flex Cable
  • Single Core Multi Strand Flexible Cable
  • Silicone Flexible Cable
  • Pvc Insulated Flexible Cable
  • Flexible Cable Wire
  • Flexible Armored Cable
  • Multi Strand Flexible Cable
  • Rubber Insulated Flexible Cable
  • Flexible Trailing Cable
  • Flexible Welding Cable
  • Flexible Cable Sheath
  • 3 Core Flexible Wire
  • Single Core Flexible Copper Wire
  • Twin Flexible Cable
  • Butyl Flexible Cable
  • Black Flex Cable
  • Flexible Battery Cable
  • Extra Flexible Cable
  • Screened Flexible Cable
  • Flexible Telephone Cable
  • Brown Flex Cable
  • High Voltage Flexible Power Cable
  • Pvc Copper Wire Single Core Flexible
  • Flexible Electrical Cable Track
  • Rubber Cable
  • Rubber Flexible Cable
  • Rubber Insulated Cable
  • Rubber Flex Cable
  • Rubber Cable Protector
  • 2 Core Rubber Flexible Cable
  • 4 Core Rubber Flexible Cable
  • Ducab Rubber Flexible Cable
  • H07rn F Flexible Rubber Cable
  • H05rr-F Rubber Flexible Cable
  • Rubber Flexible Lead Cable
  • Rubber Sheathed Flexible Mine Cable
  • Ultra-Flexible Neoprene Rubber Power Cable
  • Prysmian Rubber Flexible Cable
  • Flexible Rubber Cables
  • Flexible Rubber Power Cables
  • Rubber Insulated Flexible Cables
  • Tri Circle Rubber Flexible Cable
  • 3 Core Flexible Cable
  • 4 Core Flexible Cable
  • 7 Core Flexible Cable
  • 8 Core Flexible Cable
  • 2 Core Flexible Cable
  • 1.5 Mm 4 Core Flexible Cable
  • 5 Core Flexible Cable
  • Single Core Flexible Cable
  • 6 Core Flexible Cable
  • 1.5 Mm 3 Core Flexible Cable
  • Two Core Flexible Cable
  • Three Core Flexible Cable
  • 4 Core Flexible Cable Black
  • 3 Core Pvc Flexible Cable
  • Flexible Cable 3 Core
  • 3 Core Round Flexible Cable
  • Flexible 2 Core Cable
  • Single Core Multi Strand Flexible Copper Cable
  • Flexible Cable 4 Core
  • 3 Core Flexible Wire
  • Single Core Flexible Copper Wire
  • Single Core Flexible Wire
  • Pvc Copper Wire Single Core Flexible
  • Flex Cable
  • 10mm Flex Cable
  • Butyl Flex Cable
  • Flex Cable
  • 1mm Flex Cable
  • Black Flex Cable
  • Waterproof Flex Cable
  • Brown Flex Cable
  • Yellow Flex Cable
  • External Flex Cable
  • 4mm Flexible Cable
  • 4mm Heat Resistant Flexible Cable
  • 3 Core 4mm Flexible Cable
  • 4mm 4 Core Flexible Cable
  • 4mm Flexible Electrical Cable
  • Flexible Electrical Cable
  • Pvc Flexible Cable
  • Heat Resistant Flex Cable
  • Flexible Control Cable
  • 2 Core Flex Cable Black
  • Heat Proof Flex
  • 4mm Heat Resistant Flex
  • Copper Flexible Cable
  • Braided Flexible Cable

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Flexible Rubber Cable Features

  • These Flexible Rubber Cable are Chemical Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Oil Resistant Flexible Rubber Cable
  • Water Resistant Flexible Rubber Cable
  • Flexible Rubber Cable with UV Protection
  • Flexible Rubber Cable with Ozone Resistant
  • Flexible Rubber Cable with Mechanical Protection
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen
  • Choice of Flexible Rubber Cable dimensions

Flexible Rubber Cable Application

control cable with XLPE insulation, pvc jacket, braided shielding, flame retardant, halogen free

Such Flexible Rubber Cable are suitable for laying indoors and in the electrical cabinets, however, the cables can’t bear larger external mechanical forces. Flexible Rubber Cable is used for the signal transmission, controlling and measuring system of the electric apparatus.

Flexible Rubber Cable Packing

  • Packing length:100 to 1,000m reeled in carton drum or according to customers' requirement
  • Outer packing: wooden case, carton box
  • Other packing requirement according to client's request
  • Flexible Rubber Cable cut to length and shipped on nonreturnable reels
  • The quantity in one ctn base on the type of cord and its length.
  • Packing lengths of Flexible Rubber Cable: 100ft/roll, 100m/roll, 300ft/roll 
  • Inner packing: wooden drum, plastic drum, paper drum 
  • Outer packing: carton box, pull out box 
  • Other packing for Flexible Rubber Cable is available as per customer demand

Flexible Rubber Cable Price List/ Meter

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