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PTFE Multicore Cable Manufacturers and suppliers

PTFE Multicore Cable Manufacturers and suppliers in Mumbai, India
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PTFE Polytetraflourethylene - (Teflon®). PTFE High Performance Wire and Cable & PTFE Multicore Cable are a non-flammable, very flexible, non-toxic and environmentally safe material that can be used in environmentally arduous/harsh conditions. Bhuwal Insulation Cable hold a vast and wide range of stock of High Performance PTFE Multicore Cable to BS3G210 and other MILspecifications. PTFE spiral wrapping (EFWRAP). We also supply PTFE sleeving and ties.

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PTFE Multicore Cable Specifications

  • Size : AWG 15 to AWG 32 or As per customer specific requirements.
  • Conductor : SPC/NPC/ Bare Copper or as per customer requirements.
  • Core Insulation : PTFE
  • Braid Shield : Braids or Helically wrapped (served) shields, Round wire or Flat Foil.
  • Properties : Resistance to fire, chemicals, acids, sunlight, moisture and corona.
  • Voltage grade : 250V/ 600V/ 1000V or as per customer requirements.
  • Temperature : -65o C to + 260o C
  • Jacket Insulation : PTFE, Varnished fiber glass, PVC, PU
  • Colour : All Electronic Colours, Bi-Colours & Tri-Colours.

PTFE Insulated Multi Strand Multi Core Twisted Only Cables

PTFE Insulated Multi Strand Multi Core Twisted Only Cables

PTFE Insulated Multistrand Single and Multi Core Screened Cable (Unsheathed)

PTFE Insulated Multistrand Single and Multi Core Screened Cable (Unsheathed)

PTFE Insulated Multistrand Single / Multi Core Screened & PTFE Sheathed Cable

PTFE Insulated Multistrand Single / Multi Core Screened & PTFE Sheathed Cable

Teflon PTFE insulated multicore shielded brading cable

1) Product implementation standards:
2) Style No.: Teflon wire
3) Size: 0.5~10sqmm
4) Rated Voltage: 600V
5) Rated Temperature:-60°C~+250°C
6) Conductor: tinned plated copper wire
7) Insulation: PTFE + fiberglass pleach
8) Color: red / yellow / blue / white / black / yellow green / brown / orange / purple / green / etc

Multicore ptfe insulated thermocouple cable type K, J, E

Ptfe Mulricore Cable The manufacture of Multi Core cables which will be exposed to harsh environments is serious business, and Bhuwal Insulation Cable is producing high quality cables and wiring. Our PTFE Multi Core cables meets the specifications of MIL-DTL-27500H /JSS 51038. This rating makes these cable ideal for use in the following applications:

  • Instrumentation of power projects
  • Chemical & fertilizers industries and support industries
  • Steel plants
  • Various other types of engineering industries

Below you will find the types of Multi Core cables most often used:

  • Unshielded twisted cores
  • PTFE Jacketed and Shielded twisted cores/ twisted pairs and
  • Overall PTFE / PVC or Fiber Glass outer jacket cables

At short distances, twisted Multi Core or multi-pair unshielded cables can be used. These are most often used as a connecting link between the central instrumentation modules and the various transducers that they control.

PTFE Multicore Cable Specification
Extreme temperature range:
(-40oC to 105oC) can withstand the extremes of automotive environments
PTFE Multicore Cable range: 0GA, 2GA, 4GA, 6GA, 8GA, 10GA, 12GA, 14GA, 15GA, 16GA, 18GA, 20GA and ultra classic strands 
High strand counts  High strand counts 
Conductor Type Stranded 99.99% OFC (oxygen free copper), and tin plated copper,copper coated al
Material Environmentally friendly, quality, glossy material
Tinned, Silver or Nickel plated copper etc.
PTFE Multicore Cable Colour: Customized
Packing carton packing, pallet packing , wooden / plastic reels
We can manufacture PTFE Multicore Cable as per customers' requirement.

  • Heat resisting compound up to 180 0C fiber glass
  • Braided and varnished cable
  • Available in both single and Multi cores cable
  • Equipped with flexible copper conductor up to 6.6 KV
  • Conforming to IS : 9968 (Pt-1)/88 ISI MARKED

PTFE Multicore Cable Approval List

PTFE Multicore Cable Approved by
ISI Approved PTFE Multicore Cable
CE Approved PTFE Multicore Cable
CSA Approved PTFE Multicore Cable
ISO Approved PTFE Multicore Cable
ROHS Approved PTFE Multicore Cable
SASO Approved PTFE Multicore Cable
ISO Approved PTFE Multicore Cable
VDE Approved PTFE Multicore Cable

PTFE Multicore Cable Related Cables

What is PTFE Multicore Cable ?

PTFE Multicore Cable has a temperature rating of -65° up to 200ºC when silver plated copper conductors are used and -65° to 260ºC when nickel plated copper conductors are used.

PTFE Insulated Multi-Core Cables has excellent thermal, physical, and electrical properties especially suitable for internal wiring applications where insulation melt-back is an issue during the soldering operation. PTFE Multi Core Power Cables are resistant to oil, oxidation, heat, sunlight and flame, and are also resistant to ozone, water, alcohol, gasoline, acids, alkalis, aromatic hydrocarbons and solvents.

Products Style
Teflon wire ETFE
PVC Wire
Silicone Wire
Germany Auto Wire
Chinese Auto Wire
American Auto Wire SAE J1127
American Auto Wire SAE J1128
Japanese Auto Wire
Application Hook up Wire
Motor Wire
Airplane Wire
Military Wire
QFR Automobile Wire
Ignition System
Customization Please provide detailed specification

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PTFE Multicore Cable Features

  • PTFE Multicore Cable has excellent resistance to chemicals and is highly resistant to oils, lubricants and fuels.
  • PTFE Insulated Multi-Core Cables is a High Performance wire with high tolerance of extreme temperatures.
  • Range from -190°c (silver coated copper conductors) to +260°c (nickel plated copper conductors) (short term applications 300°c).
  • Saves space with readily stripped insulation.
  • 4 Cores Twisted cable with PTFE Jacket is chemically inert.
  • PTFE Multicore Cable is widely used by Industrial, aerospace, military, marine, defence, medical, automotive and audio markets

PTFE Multicore Cable Application

PTFE Insulated Multi-Core Cables are widely used for applications such as;

  • Internal and external connectors for electrical and electronic equipment
  • Instrumentation
  • Electronic ignitor systems (heavy duty gas ignition wire)
  • Gas ignitors in central heating systems
  • Heat sensor cables
  • PTFE insulated multicore cable for Engines
  • Brake systems
  • Heat exchangers
  • PTFE Insulated Multi-Core Cables for Ovens
  • 4 Cores Twisted cable with PTFE Jacket for Freezers
  • Process control test equipment
  • Any application requiring resistance to high temperatures
  • Any environment demanding high levels of thermal, chemical, electrical or mechanical connection.

PTFE Multicore Cable Packing

  • Packing length:100 to 1,000m reeled in carton drum or according to customers' requirement
  • Outer packing: wooden case, carton box
  • Other packing requirement according to client's request
  • PTFE Multicore Cable cut to length and shipped on nonreturnable reels
  • The quantity in one ctn base on the type of cord and its length.
  • Packing lengths of PTFE Multicore Cable: 100ft/roll, 100m/roll, 300ft/roll 
  • Inner packing: wooden drum, plastic drum, paper drum 
  • Outer packing: carton box, pull out box 
  • Other packing for PTFE Multicore Cable is available as per customer demand

PTFE Multicore Cable Price List/ Meter

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