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TRS Cable for lightweight and standard applications. These regulation standard TRS Cable are ideal for use in indoor, outdoor, damp or wet conditions and are all conform to CENELEC specifications. These TRS Cable can also be used for high levels of stress and heavy duty equipment.

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TRS Cable Specifications

Low voltage General rubber flexible copper 3 core 1.5mm2 trs rubber cable

Rubber cable is used for power transporting, electrical apparatus and various mobile field electrical equipment with AC rated voltage of 450/750V or below. The performance not only conforms to the Standard IEC 60245-4, GB1169, GB1170, JB1601 and JB1701, but also Retains the high flexibility under the influence of light,ozone,oxygen,inert gas,oil. Resistant against the effects of cold, heat, and fire outdoors or in dry and damp rooms.

Rubber Cable Performance Characteristics

  1)   YZ model rated voltage U0/U is 300/500 V, YC model is 450/750 V

  2)   Long time allow working temperature of wire core is not more than 60

  3)  W model cable has the property of durability , so it is suitable for outdoor work touching oil pollution

  4)  ZR-model cable has the property of fire-resistance

Model Name Main Uge


Light Model Rubber Sheath Flexible cable Used for light portable electric equipment and tools


Middle Model Rubber Sheath Flexible cable Used for various portable electric equipment and tools.


Heavy Model Rubber Sheath Flexible cable

Used for various portable electric equipment which can bear larger mechnical force effect.

TRS cable 125v reel cable


Steeldrum (fumigation)/Wood drum (fumigation)/ Wood spool (fumigation)/ Plastic spool/ Coil/ Rool, according to the model amd quantity ordered.

Cable length in each drum: 500m/1000m or as per actual cable length requirements.

Packaging size:

As per cable length and container size

*In order to quote you accurate price, kindly tell us your needed cable length quantity. Larger quantity, more discount benefit ready for you!

TRS Cable Specification
Extreme temperature range:
(-40oC to 105oC) can withstand the extremes of automotive environments
TRS Cable range: 0GA, 2GA, 4GA, 6GA, 8GA, 10GA, 12GA, 14GA, 15GA, 16GA, 18GA, 20GA and ultra classic strands 
High strand counts  High strand counts 
Conductor Type Stranded 99.99% OFC (oxygen free copper), and tin plated copper,copper coated al
Material Environmentally friendly, quality, glossy material
Tinned, Silver or Nickel plated copper etc.
TRS Cable Colour: Customized
Packing carton packing, pallet packing , wooden / plastic reels
We can manufacture TRS Cable as per customers' requirement.

TRS Cable Approval List

TRS Cable Approved by
ISI Approved TRS Cable
CE Approved TRS Cable
CSA Approved TRS Cable
ISO Approved TRS Cable
ROHS Approved TRS Cable
SASO Approved TRS Cable
ISO Approved TRS Cable
VDE Approved TRS Cable

TRS Cable Related Cables

What is TRS Cable ?

TRS means Tip, Ring, and Sleeve, and refer to the parts of the jack plug that the different conductors are connected to. A TRS cable has three conductors vs the two on a standard guitar cable. A guitar cable is a TS, or Tip Sleeve cable. In TRS Cable that there is a TRS jack at both ends. There is also another variant often called a TRS Insert cable or TRS Y cable

There are a widest range of rubber cables are available in the Asian market. H05RN-F, H05RR-F, H07ZZF, H01N2-D, NSHXAFO, H07RN8-F, HO7RN-F, NSSHOU and NSGAFOU, are some of the common rubber cables which are easily can buy from India. The H05RR-F cable is the most lightweight sheathed rubber cable and is used for simple applications. The H07RN-F is used in complex applications which are subjected to extensive pressure and stress.

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TRS Cable Features

  • TRS Cable have Excellent Flexibility
  • Oil resistant according to EN 60811-2-1
  • UV, sunlight, ozone, oil, resistant
  • For fixed installation lowest temperature is -40 °C.
  • TRS Cable Temperature range _25°C to 60°C.
  • TRS Cable Flame-retardant according to IEC 60332.1.2
  • Choice of TRS Cable dimensions

TRS Cable Application

control cable with XLPE insulation, pvc jacket, braided shielding, flame retardant, halogen free

Such TRS Cable are suitable for laying indoors and in the electrical cabinets, however, the cables can’t bear larger external mechanical forces. TRS Cable is used for the signal transmission, controlling and measuring system of the electric apparatus.

TRS Cable Packing

  • Packing length:100 to 1,000m reeled in carton drum or according to customers' requirement
  • Outer packing: wooden case, carton box
  • Other packing requirement according to client's request
  • TRS Cable cut to length and shipped on nonreturnable reels
  • The quantity in one ctn base on the type of cord and its length.
  • Packing lengths of TRS Cable: 100ft/roll, 100m/roll, 300ft/roll 
  • Inner packing: wooden drum, plastic drum, paper drum 
  • Outer packing: carton box, pull out box 
  • Other packing for TRS Cable is available as per customer demand

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